Cheese & Chickpeas

A Mediterranean Medley (In Wales)

If you’ve read my blog from the beginning you’ll know that I love a self-catering holiday in the UK. It’s not that I don’t enjoy travelling and seeing the world

Tomato And Halloumi Salad

I haven’t blogged as frequently over the past couple of weeks because I’ve been launching a new business with a friend of mine (it’s an online shop, Davies & Maker, selling

Leek And Chickpea Soup

I’ve made this leek and chickpea soup twice in the past week.  The first time at the weekend because my partner fancied soup with chickpeas in it which reminded me

Cream Of Celeriac Soup

This recipe for cream of celeriac soup is probably the simplest soup I make (even simpler than the very easy frugal lentil soup I shared a few days ago) but

Frugal Red Lentil Soup

If you’ve spent any time at all on my blog you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I like lentils.  Actually I love lentils, I think they’re great.  They’re

Courgette And Sweetcorn Soup

This courgette (or zucchini if you’re in America) and sweetcorn soup is quite a new discovery.  It’s so easy but so good.  I was planning on making a courgette, potato

Warm Aubergine And Lentil Salad

This aubergine and lentil salad recipe has a lot in common with the roast carrot, feta and puy lentil salad that I shared last week but the flavour and texture

Mushroom, Houmous And Halloumi Pitta Pockets

These mushroom, houmous and halloumi pitta pockets are more of an idea than a recipe but they are so good that I wanted to share them.  We usually do our

Green Minestrone Soup

I usually think of minestrone as a hearty, tomato-based Italian soup with pasta and beans but this green minestrone soup is a much lighter version. It was inspired by the

Spicy Parsnip Soup

I first made this parsnip soup at my partner’s house a few years ago before we lived together.  We used to spend alternate weekends at each other’s houses and I