Cheese & Chickpeas

Using Overripe Bananas: Banana And Walnut Loaf

I’m really fussy about the ripeness of my bananas. I don’t like them underripe when they stick to your teeth a bit and I don’t like them as soon as

Easy Flapjacks

The flapjacks of my childhood were chewy flapjacks (the kind you can feel destroying your teeth as you eat them) so for most of my life I’ve been a chewy

Chocolate, Raspberry And Roasted Hazelnut Oaties

This isn’t my own recipe but it’s a new discovery and I’ve made it twice in the past week so thought I would share it with you.  Think of it

Chocolate Shortbread

This chocolate shortbread was a regular favourite in our house growing up.  We used to do a lot of baking.  My first experience of cooking was helping my grandmothers and